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Embroidery: The art of working, with a needle, raised and ornamental designs in threads of color or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc.

We offer standard generic lettering to computer digitized designs to provide the most detail to any logo or idea you may have.

Embroidery, being a step up from screen printing, is an outstanding way of advertising that lasts for the life of the garment or item decorated!

We can estimate the cost of any design from the start to the finished product including the actual number of stitches to figure the cost per item. We are here to serve you and find a way to reach exactly what you perceive the end product to look like.

Steps to Start:
1. Contact us.

2. Set up an avenue of relaying all information needed to help create what you want. This could be from face to face, email, conferencing on the phone to snail mail.

3. We will take it from there and answer any questions you may have for changing or updating an old logo to inventing a new logo or designing exactly what will convey your message.

Its time now to get the most of your advertising dollar! Make it count and it will keep on producing for you for years to come! Give us a call and we can help start the ball rolling........

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