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Acrylics:  Awards for the new millennium. These are clear cast or available with a jade or blue tint. They are engraved in reverse on the back side to give the appearance of depth for a deep and distinct quality. There are many shapes and sizes available depending on your needs. A computerized design is especially nice for this unique award. This is one of the most exclusive rich looking ways to identify a recipient of any prestigious award.

Medals: They are the perfect mementos or awards for individuals in group functions & sporting events. We are able to order from various companies that offer generic designs to special order molded medals in bronze, silver or gold. We can then personalize each one by engraving or screen printing to identify the event for the recipient. Also available are neck ribbons in assorted colors, or drape ribbons with a pin back for display and a presentation box is available in the size to fit. Medal sizing runs from to 2 and from almost flat in appearance to the popular 3-D look.

Ribbons: These come in many sizes, colors and formations, from plain generic ribbons to rosettes imprinted with a personalized logo and identifying information about the event or award.  Stock placement ribbons are inexpensive and always available.


Interior Signage is the name plate on the desk or occupants name on the door or wall. Most of it is made of laminated plastic where the top thin layer when engraved opens to another base color. These combos come in a wide range of colors. They are then fitted into a metal or plastic holder or base. Consider these ideas when you are professionalizing your interior office or hallways. It is an inexpensive way of personalizing your work areas.

Exterior Signage can help give the outside of your building a new look. From the individual numbers or letters formed in plastic or cast metal to the sign boards printed with a logo or name, there is a wide variety of sizes and colors to enhance any place. Tell us what you want or need and we will discover the options for you to choose that meets your needs.

Other:  Award ideas can range from the most individualized engraved pen to the multi plated perpetual plaque. It only takes the start of an idea or a suggestion from seeing something or someone to come up with a new way of rewarding or recognizing an accomplishment.

Gifts that can be personalized by adding a screen printed plate (i.e. desk clocks, calculators, marble base pen/pencil sets, paper weights, crystal apples, eagles, metal molded stars, to beer cans mounted on bases or plaque boards). The list is only as long as your imagination. Make the gift fit the occasion and the recipient and personalize it for a memory that goes on and on.

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