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Screen Printing:

  The art of pushing ink thru two sets of fine
  parallel lines crossing each other to form a
  certain design on any substrate.

The idea of screen printing is so old that it was used by Columbus to print the name on the 3 ships. Well, we canít document that without further investigation, but the concept of silk screening is ancient. It has come to be a very inexpensive way to advertise or convey information to mass numbers of people.

We want you to combine your logo or design ideas with our abilities and suggestions to be able to provide you with the best possible product for he most economical price. We will work with you in deciding colors of inks, size of design, sizing breakdowns and anything else you may need. We are experienced in every venue and are here to serve your needs. No job is too small or too large for us and we will guarantee on time delivery of your order.

We have the ability to print up to 6 colors and we can also use process inks to obtain the whole spectrum of colors. We are able to supply the most current styles and colors available for garments and are able to suggest ways of making the most of your design be it small for a chest logo to large for a back logo, we can meet all of your needs!

Steps to Start:
1. Contact us.

2. Set up an avenue of relaying all information needed to help create what you  want. This could be from face to face, email, conferencing on the phone to snail mail.

3. We will take it from there and answer any questions you may have for changing     or updating an old logo to inventing a new logo or designing exactly what will convey your message.

 Please contact us for pricing and estimates on any size order or help in deciding any need you have to fulfill. We are happy to help in any way to make your order simple and easy for you!


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